Wonkette Elections Of USA America Election, The Card Game





The time has come to cast your vote, to help decide the future of our beloved homeland, USA America! Who will guide our motherland into the glorious future? Bernie Sanders with his legion of zealots? Hillary Clinton and her attack dogs? Donald Trump, God forbid? Or what about Zombie Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, or the mighty and fearsome Cthulhu?

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Take charge of your own campaign, woo low-information voters, avoid salacious scandals, and play detestable tricks on your enemies, all in the name of ULTIMATE POWER! In Wonkette Elections Of USA America Election, The Game, you take control of a campaign for your favorite candidate, and face off against up to three other teams, all vying for the White House. There are simple rules, that are in no way complicated, or difficult to learn. There are beautifully rendered cards, featuring original artwork and your trademarked Wonkette “humor” all over them. There are all the additional cards that our Kickstarter Supporters demanded. The State Cards have traditional poker card markings so you can just play solitaire with your own damn self if you have no friends, with the 52 states of America.


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