Wonkette Kitten With A Whip Men's And Women's Tees!

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So a funny thing happened. Friend of Wonkette and mystery lady "L.L." asked me if she could get a Wonkette Kitten With a Whip shirt overnighted to her so she could wear it somewhere VERY FANCY.

"Fuk yeh!" I said! Then I went down to the basement where I keep all our Bazaar stuff and emailed her back like 50 times with updates about how I did not have any women's shirts left, but I could go to the mall and make her one at that T-shirt shop at the mall? and I could overnight it and then I emailed her 40 more times to tell her the shirt had come out all smeary but I was going to send one anyway because I was on a MISSION FROM GOD and then I emailed 15 more times to say I had ONE WOMEN'S SHIRT LEFT in size RIDICULOUSLY TINY and I was gonna send that too and she did not even get a restraining order but sent us this very nice picture instead.

Anyway, we have our own t-shirt press now so we don't have to order the shirts from elsewhere but make them right at your command. They are vee-necks, unlike the crewneck on "L.L." whoever the fuck THAT is. You will like being SEXY IN THEM, RROWR. Also, we have men's too.

FREE SHIPPING in the US! Here, have more HOT PIX.

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