Joe Biden 2020 Men's and Women's tees!

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Here's the deal: We love Joe Biden, but we don't love him for president in 2020. If they could excoriate Hillary for being married to the guy who signed the crime bill Joe Biden WROTE then ... well you see what we mean. 

HOWEVER. Biden's a Democrat, and you're allowed to like him! You're also allowed to wear a Sexy Biden on your chest, because he IS a sexy old daddy, just like we like 'em.

Just not for president necessarily.

Men's tees are a basic black or white crew neck from Hanes, small through 3x.

Women's tees are a white or black cotton v-neck from Hanes, small through 3x.


You can also get him on a tote bag or a coffee cup. Don't say we never gave you nothin', like FREE SHIPPING in the US! 

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