Help! Achtung! Contact Us!


Having problems with this fakakta website? Shit, us too sometimes!

Email rebecca at wonkette dot com if:

  • You’re trying to place an order and paypal’s not letting you.
  • You want to buy something internationally. Tell me what and to which country you want it shipped, and I’ll price it out at USPS for you.
  • It’s been a while and you haven’t received your rad shit. I hit the post office at least twice a week, sometimes more, but we’re having to reorder pretty frequently, and our silkscreener can take up to two weeks sometimes to get our orders to us. Usually, I’ll have already emailed you if there’s a holdup, because I am a good person and businesslady entrepreneur, and I want you to be happy. But if it’s taking what seems to you be too long, LET ME KNOW!
  • You don’t like paypal and want to send a check to our PO Box, which is:

    PO Box 8765
    Missoula MT 59807

    You’ll want to email me to make sure we’re on the same page with shipping and prices and whatnot.

That’s pretty much it! Good luck and good shopping!

Achtung! Warning! Alert! Be Aware!

Yr Wonkette is on vacation until the 20th day of August or until the day Chump admits that he is an abject failure, whichever is a real thing that could actually occur. You are welcome to continue to order stuff and things and such, but nothing will be processed until August 20th. We love you! Send money! Dismiss