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Guys! We're taking off the shot glass sets for the time being and selling singles only. We can't find a proper packaging for all four in one box that doesn't end with one broken. Shot glasses are $14.99 each (a much worse value for you, I'm so sorry, but the shipping and packaging still cost us the same). If there was one on here that you want, that isn't on this list now, email me at rebecca at wonkette dot com and I will make it happen! 

FREE SHIPPING, as always, in the US! 

Your new options are:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I DISSENT

Smokin' Joe Biden

Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren Liberty

Pete 2020



Kamala Superhero

Nancy Pelosi

Hillary Clinton Nasty Woman

Warren for Progress



and Enemy of the People

Wonkette baby kitten

Wonkette kitten with a whip

Wonkette word only




They look ever so much better in person, don't let my terrible camera phone fool you! 

See the original images below! 


Shot glasses printed by Shy or our son Jimmy, from our designs, in our basement "factory" in Montana, USA! 


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