KAMALA Harris Superhero Men's and Women's Tees!!!

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BIG SALE on any we've already printed, dropping from $19.95 to $12.95. Just click your size and preferred color and see if it's on sale for you! (The women's in blue and the men's small black shirts are definitely on sale, along with a few white ones, depends.) Happy buying!


As far as we're concerned, Kamala Harris is the ONLY candidate for 2020! If you agree, wear your feelings on your chest! (Okay, Elizabeth Warren is a candidate too. We'd be perfectly happy with either Elizabeth Harris or Kamala Warren, since you're asking. Also you know who we like? Jay Inslee! What a good guy!)

This men's crew neck is a simple black or white crew neck with Super Kamala (and a Black Power fist of justice) on your manly chest. It's printed on a Hanes nano cotton tee.

The women's t-shirt, for your womanly buzzies, is a royal blue v-neck by District Very Important T-shirt or in white or black v-neck by Hanes.

We, and by we I mean my husband, print these up in the "factory" in our basement and then I mail them, so if I fuck up your order (WHICH HAS HAPPENED), by all means email me for sincere apologies and probably a treat.

You can also get Kamala Harris 2020 on tote bags, coffee cups, stickers and fridge magnets.

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